Picture of Easy place card
2012-12-31 14.26.09.jpg
Easy project to make a simple yet effective place card for Christmas or any other special dinner.
What you need:
* cardboard
* white tissue
* gold ribbon
* scissor
* gold pen
* hot glue
* clips
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Step 1: Bow

Picture of Bow
2012-12-31 14.28.26.jpg
Now let's make the bow. Cut the white tissue and fold it three times (horizontally, vertically, horizzontally). After you have folded it you need to cut the gold ribbon and make a simple knot around the center of the tissue (see photo).

Step 2: Finish

Picture of Finish
2012-12-31 14.29.02.jpg
2012-12-31 14.30.25.jpg
Now take the cardboard, fold it so it'll stand on the table and write your guest name.
Take the clip and attach it to the bow using the hot glue.
Now you can attach the bow to the cardboard.
Very cute! The white and gold looks really elegant :)