Picture of Super easy seed and bean sprouter
It's easy to set up a sprouter at home and grow your own tasty sprouts like alfalfa and mung beans. This is the simplest sprouter I've  come up with and works for most grains although the holes in the garlic bag might be too large for really tiny grains such as amaranth.

All you need is:
- a glass jar
- a cup
- your favourite sprout grain.
- an old garlic bag

Step 1: Soak the grain overnight

Picture of Soak the grain overnight
Place a layer of your chosen seeds in the bottom of the glass jar and add warm water so the seeds are totally submerged. Soak them overnight.
artworker2 years ago
Put them in the blender with celantro, salt and green chillies. Grind them a little. And make fritters (small nuget size). Super tasty.