Picture of Easy soap bombs
What you need:

a sheet of paper towel

soap(the foam works best)

and a sucker :)

Step 1:

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Next, lay paper towel out flat

put soap in middle
would it work if the soap is not foamy
teknohawk3 years ago
you can also stick moist soil and pebbles together in a paper towel, that would sting!
whats the point?
jnifrwebb4 years ago
I'm sorry, but this is totally works. I used the little paper towel at the end to throw it. I may have inadvertently started some sort of war in my office though.
Hiyadudez4 years ago
No offense, but this isnt an instructable. You wouldve done better just putting: Put soap on a paper towel, wrap it up and throw it.

Sorry, but its true.
no you would do better just getting a normal soap pump and pushing on the pump part real hard it squirts like 6 feet away