What you need:

a sheet of paper towel

soap(the foam works best)

and a sucker :)

Step 1:

Next, lay paper towel out flat

put soap in middle

Step 2:

Next wrap it up!

Wet it if you want

then throw : )
<p>does it explode ???</p>
would it work if the soap is not foamy
you can also stick moist soil and pebbles together in a paper towel, that would sting!
whats the point?<br>
I'm sorry, but this is totally works. I used the little paper towel at the end to throw it. I may have inadvertently started some sort of war in my office though.
No offense, but this isnt an instructable. You wouldve done better just putting: Put soap on a paper towel, wrap it up and throw it. <br> <br>Sorry, but its true.
no you would do better just getting a normal soap pump and pushing on the pump part real hard it squirts like 6 feet away

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