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Full set of ingredients for a set of five coat hooks:

  • 5 x back plate elbow joints for 15mm pipes.
  • A standard piece of 15mm copper pipe.
  • Pipe cutter for 15mm pipes.
  • 5 x 90deg elbow joints 15mm - I used push fit ones.
  • 5 x end caps 15mm - I used push fit ones.
  • 5 x couplings 15mm - also used push fit ones.
  • Copper paint.
  • Dark silver metallic paint.
  • Clear spray varnish (optional).

First cut 10 small pieces of pipes, I like to have them slightly different lengths so they don't look too uniform.

The pipe cutter is very easy to use and I cut them all in a matter of minutes.

I then sprayed the back plates using the copper paint but I left the copper parts as they are.

I then sprayed the cut pipes with the dark silver paint.

This is optional but I sprayed a layer of clear varnish just to protect the paint.

Then just assembled them together and screwed onto my wall. SIMPLE!


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jlam8 (author)2014-05-29

Thank you very much!

jlam8 (author)2014-05-16

Thanks, yea, first post, need to figure out how to post step by steps as well :)

craftclarity (author)jlam82014-05-29

Lucky for you, there's a good 'ible that might help:

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2014-05-16

This looks awesome! You should put the finished picture first so everyone knows what you are showing us how to make :)

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