Picture of Easy stenciled christmas cards
Don't want to buy expensive christmas cards to send to your friends and family? Make them yourself! The result is more personal, artistic and it even looks great! In this instructable I'll try to show you how to make my christmas cards using a stencil and spray paint. Easy!

In the process of making these cards I thought 'hey, I could make this into an instructable'. I didn't have my camera laying around so I had to use my iPhone. So please bare with the quality of these pictures.

Things you'll need:
- sheets of paper (preferably around 250 gr/m²)
- Spray paint (or ink and roller)
- (exacto) knife
- sheet of plastic
- a ruler
- designing software and printer or a pencil and drawing paper.
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Step 1: Making the cards

Picture of Making the cards
Start out by deciding on the dimensions of your Christmas card. I wanted mine to fit into a 14x14 cm envelope, so I went for 13x13cm (these are the dimensions of the folded card). I used some large sketchbook paper and cut it into sheets of 13x26cm. Obviously you can use whatever paper you have laying around, but it works best with heavy/thick paper, because of the oily stuff of the spray paint which has a tendency to sink through the paper.

for easy folding make a crease using a ruler and a blunt object (In this case I used a screwdriver, but you can also use the blunt part of a knife.)

Fold your cards.

Step 2: Creating the stencil

Picture of Creating the stencil
Use your favorite designing software to create a christmas design and print it. Or if you prefer the old fashioned way, use a pencil and paper (or charcoal and papyrus). Make sure your design fits the dimensions of your card. (Ofcourse you may also use my design)

Use some tape to attach your design to a piece of sheet plastic and cut out the stencil using a (exacto) knife.
hey there the card u made it look so nice and beautiful.
Those look really nice! Simple but still very beautiful :) You should enter this into the Holiday Gifts Contest!
Tice Co (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thanks Penolopy! And thanks for mentioning the Holiday Gifts Contest.
DWRead2 years ago
It is easier to fold the card neatly if you score it first. Use a straightedge and the x-acto knife to lightly score the outside of the fold.