Easy Tarp Boat





Introduction: Easy Tarp Boat

A boat you can build quickly without specific skills.
You will only need a bunch of wood, a saw, nails, a hammer and of course a resistant tarp

Step 1: Define the Shape and Size

I designed my boat compared to the materials i had.
You can do your own design according to your needs.

Step 2: Build the Frame

Just do it.

Step 3: Sandind

Sand the sharp parts of the frame to prevent  puncture

Step 4: Apply the Tarp

Place the tarp on the frame and pin it down

Step 5: Enjoy



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    @scubaru___wood is easy to work with.u could nail them together with ease(but how would u connect all the pvc's together...).it has good strength which is really needed here.

    how would u step into the boat..it would flip right??..

    You've invented a somewhat overbuilt coracle.

    Why did you use wood as opposed to PVC piping? I would think with PVC you would have less worry with rotting, screws backing out, tearing the tarp, etc. I love the concept, very easy to build..might have to try this! Thanks

    I'd be tempted to see this as a prototyping concept - if the frame+tarp works as a boat, take off the tarp and re-cover the frame with marine ply and seal the seams.