Easy Tasty Chile Rellenos


Introduction: Easy Tasty Chile Rellenos

A delicious spicy, fried, cheesy treat. Crispy on the outside and melty on the inside.

Just Three ingredients.
- Cheese
- Green Chilies
- Eggroll/wonton wrapper (this is the secret ingredient that makes it so simple. Eliminating the need to spend hours making the egg batter.)

Step 1: The Stuff You'll Need

- Fire roasted chile peppers. (skins and seeds removed)
- A package of Wanton wraps. (one pack has about 15 wraps)
- A brick of Cheddar cheese. (shredded)
- A little bit of flour.

Step 2: Build the Relleno

put some flour on the table.
lay one wanton wrap on the table.
Put one de-seeded and skinless chile closer to one side of the wrap. Add a few pintches of shredded cheese. Now your ready to wrap it up.

Step 3: Roll It Up.

Use a little bit of water to help the wanton wrapper stick to itself. Close the ends like in the picture.

One package of the egg roll wrappers has about 15 wraps.

Step 4: Fry It Up.

Cover the bottom of a frying pan with vegetable oil. Heat the oil until it's hot then carefully place the individual rellenos in the hot oil. Flip once and cook until golden brown. Now carefully take them out of the oil and place them on a paper towel to cool.

Only cook the ones you plan on eating right away. Save the rest for breakfast .

Step 5: Eat It Up.

After they cool add some onions and hot sauce. Yummy.

Feliz Navidad



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    17 Discussions

    Not even close...Why You people allways think in Mexican food as big taco? (And this recipe is not even close to look like a taco)


    Yum! tastes like Chili Cancarne but with more chili and no meat.

    To roast a chile, buy a basic long green fresh"anaheim chile." They are mild in flavor, turn on the broiler in your oven or toaster oven, place the chile within 4-6 inches of the burners. When they start to blister and turn black, take them out ouf the oven and place them in a plastic baggy or ziplock bag. Leave them in there for 10 - 15 minutes or so which allows them to steam a bit and when you take them out, the burnt skins will peel off easily.

    This is not the original Mexican Recipe In the original Recipe the ingredients are: Chile Poblano (i dont know the cientific name is Capsicum annum) Cheese, mozzarella or Oaxaca chese Egg Flour Tomatoes Well give me some time an i translate the mexican recipe, be cause this is our culture and we not let us change the tradicion. Oregano

    this look great. I have never had it be4 and it looks quick and easy which is always a plus thanks for posting it.

    These look very good. Do you have to roast and skin the peppers yourself or can you buy them ready to go? I'm not the best cook, go for easy and fast, and have never really used peppers very often. Would like to try this though, looks so good!

    2 replies

    I bought a bag of fire roasted Hatch, New Mexico chilies from some farmers on the side of the road. They are already roasted you just have to pull the skins off and remove the seeds from the center. At some super markets you can also buy cans of whole green chiles, for theses you just have to open the can then remove the seeds. You can also fire roast your oun fresh chiles by placing the chile over the fire on a gas stove, turning it until it’s blistered on both sides, then place the chile in a large bowl with a little bit of cold water to cool, then pull off the skin and remove the seeds.

    Oh thanks for the info. I'll try the canned first. Maybe the peppers over the stove.... hopefully without burning the house down. I'll impress my son if I'm able to pull this off and actually make these. LOL

    Looks good! I made those in prison once, but I had to use bird eggs from the yard. That Bird Man from Alcatraz guy was not very chuffed. This looks like the way forward.