Introduction: Easy Tie Clip

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Just a simple tie clasp you can make very easily. All you need is  old coathanger and some kind of medalian for decoration.

Step 1: What's Needed:

Old coathanger

Wire cutter/pliers.

Step 2: Coat Hanger Surgery.

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Take a section for the bottom of the coat hanger
The the section and bendit into a paperclip form of about an inch and a half..

Step 3: Making the Catch Bar.

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Cut off the extra length that you did not use as part of the paperclip.
Take the two ends and bend then into eyelets.
Total length shouolg fit around two buttonw.
Attach to the shirt.

Step 4:

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Glue medalion to paperclip form.
Let dry completely.

Step 5: Tada!

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mbecks (author)2014-07-13

I couldn't read the instructable because of how poor the photos where. Thanks for making one for the community but it needs some work

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