Step 2: The X Stage Rails and Motor

Picture of The X Stage Rails and Motor
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Next its time to add the rails for the X axis stage. These rails are 3/4 inch U chanel aluminum that you can get from the hardware store. Put a washer under each end to space the rail off the pipe just a bit. Don't worry about the rails being perfectly parallel. You'll see why later. Now mount the stepper motor with a bracket like you see here. Connect a length of 1/4 by 20 threaded rod to the motor shaft with a short piece of rubber hose (1/4 inch fuel line). Now your ready to set the movable part of the X axis(the stage).
prowland5 months ago

Is it possible to post a material list?

PCgee1 year ago
Could i use other types of pipe such as pvc as they are a lot easier to drill through?
brcoenen2 years ago
Hey, can someone tell me how to remove the old gears that are that are on the end of the stepper motors that i pulled out the old dot matrix printers? They seem harder then plastic, can't seem to pull them off, i might be being to cuatios and trying not to damage the motors. Not sure if i need to cut them off or what.

I found my stepper motors in an old inkjet and scanner. When i yanked iut what i needed an d scavenged the rest of the coolbits i was left with two motseith two connectiins each. Any ideaswhat i can use these guys for? I haven't done a lot of work with little motors, and am a blank slate of creativity here.
Kilopondio5 years ago
Hi Tom! I`d like to ask you for the long of threaded rod to the motor shaft.If I want to make some square base what would be the size of this square?. Thanks
jcskyhawk095 years ago
Where can i buy a step motor at.
Dodgy6 years ago
does the far end of the threaded rod (left, on picture) just hang/sit/rub on the steel pipe? Should/can you support it somehow?
mmason1 Dodgy5 years ago
I found it easier to just take a few minutes and grind a section out of the pipe that way the coupling nut could travel past the piping for an extensive use of the X axis.  I also welded a sleeve into the slot where I extraced material on the piping, and not necessarily for structural reasons, but for a nicer look(sucks to be OCD). 
could I see a photo of that please
fozzy555 years ago
hi there...

can someone tell me what kind of stepper did he use???

bc i don't know what step motor i should to use :S
kasari0016 years ago
msalhi6 years ago
Tom you did not mention anything about the motor specifications ... what kind should i get ?
concretebox6 years ago
The threaded rod will attach to the moving platforms, that'll secure them just fine at the other end.
Ok i'm a little clueless, but what did you use to drill/tap the holes, so that you could screw the rails into the pipe?? Thanx.
Jorg7 years ago
What kind of rubber hose did you use? I'm still searching for it.