Step 4: The Y stage

Picture of The Y stage
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The Y stage is just like the X stage but turned 90 degrees. Mount two rails and a motor on the X Stage and then take another piece of flat material and a U channel and make the moving Y stage. Make the little bearing thing and a coupling nut for it too. When your done it should look like this.
timbit19852 years ago
Also, approximately what size did you make your stages?
timbit19852 years ago
Hey Tom, I love your project. Do you have a link to the stepper motors you used? I'm trying to figure out what size motors I need.
dogtown015 years ago
can we get a little mor detail for this stage
vkgoku20125 years ago
 Where exactly did you mount the nut because from the picture it seems like you  mounted it on the bottom of the plexi glass.
don226 years ago
Hi Tom I'm brand new , right out of the box, don't know zip about cnc machines, but I'm going to attempt to build you unit. For starters how about some dimensions? Thanking you in advance. don22
Dodgy6 years ago
From this picture, it appears as thought he clear stage has 2 rails screwed to it, which limits the size of objects you can mount to the stage. Am I right in guessing this? Also, does one aluminum rail rub against another when the stage slides left & right ?
vykk37 years ago
Err, how does the Y stage move? With the stepper mounted to it and connected to the coupling nut on the same piece of plastic, it isn't going anywhere? Seems that the stepper should be attached to the X stage.