Step 5: Zee Z Axis

Picture of Zee Z Axis
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Again we are going to reproduce the X and Y Stage to create the Z axis stage. Take a flat piece, here I used a piece of white Plexiglas. Mount some rails and a Motor to it. Then make a moving stage piece with a u channel and a roller bearing. We'll do something a little different with the nut(see picture). The four posts you see on the stage will hold the motor tool. Now since this stage is going to move up and down the weight of the motor tool will make it want to come off of the rails so lets add a few more roller bearings to each side to keep it together.
Jane113 years ago
Can you please let us know how you connected Z axis threaded rod with the motor?Did you use Z-Axis Coupler or better solution?
Thank you
landru8 years ago
can you give a few more details on the four posts, and the bracket that holds the nut that the threaded rod goes through?
Tom McGuire (author)  landru8 years ago
The weight of the motor makes the Z axis stage slide down on the rails. The two inside pins act as a stop and keep it from sliding down past the nut. The two outside pins keep the nut from turning. So when the motor runs the nut will not spin. It will go up and down on the threads.
The pictures aren't clear enough to see the pins or how they are attached, or how they hold the nut in place. Also, what about the 4 posts on the Z plane, how do you reckon where to put them, how long they need to be, etc?
volto volto6 years ago
Ah nevermind on the 4 posts, those are based off the dremel/roto zip dimensions.
Dodgy6 years ago
re: the small metal strip that holds the ball bearing race. What secures it tightly? Not just that screw ? Surely it'd come loose and the ball bearing wouldn't be pressing against the clear plastic, right?