Step 6: Get it together

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Now we slap the motor tool into the Z stage. Then its time to mount the stage to the frame. And there you have it. This is the mechanical structure. From here we will need to hook up the stepper motors to a controller and get some software running on the computer but I'm going to save that for future articals.
I used another instructableon this site to mske plastic from styrofoam and acetate. Then i was avle to make perfectly fitted brackets for the dremel tool. I'm suing a baby battery operated tool right now, because i was't too clear on prerty much every step, but this is sure a fun a project.
mtiwari34 years ago
wat type of motor is this nd where it can be available???????
Kilopondio5 years ago
What kind of stepper motors are these? bipolar ,unipolar??. THanks Kilo
these are unipolar because he uses a unipolar driver board
just remember unipolar has 5 wires, bipolar has 4
shenzer5 years ago
can i use a printer stepper motor?
ruawake6 years ago
Really inventive ideas, wonder how linear guides would work?
For a quick and easy motor source I found the ProSource hand drill (dremel like) at BigLots for $20.
Hi, I´m from Portugal and I´m amassed on your project. When will you have software running on the computer? Best regards. Julio Pereira