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If you were interested in this project it's likely you have already seen what can be done with an 3 axis(XYZ) computer controlled milling machine. What is suprising is what kind of accuracy you can get out of this thing after you tinker with it a little bit. Make sure all the rails are held firm and straight. Tighten the roller bearings so the stage doesn't shift.
I used it to make PC boards. It's real good for engraving name tags and signs. And it's pretty exciting to see it carve a 3D object out of a block of foam or plastic.
WARNING there's a lot to learn about the software. Some venders offer package deals of motors, drivers, and software. That makes it easier but you pay for it.
I'll add more to this later. Send me comments and questions.
frmco5 years ago
I am convinced that you are a very smart person, and I congradulate you.I can make the machine, no prob. But don't no sht. about the elctronics or programs. excuse the language. I am very frostrated about it. I need help on the step motors and programing. Plz help.I live in LA. and dont have much info. on where to get stuff.
decarus6 years ago
i'm wondering, how does it make PCB from scratch?.. how do u remove the conductive parts while leaving only small conductive traits(circuit) on the board? all i can see is the machine doing it the other way around....
lenny256 years ago
Any progress on the controller and software. Is there any open source software that will work?
marco19706 years ago
UPDATE: I also have three Vexta pk268-01 2 phase, 1/8" step stepper motors. I don't know much (well, almost nothing), about CNC but love the concept of creating your own tools and parts :)
marco19706 years ago
What kind of materials can be used with your CNC milling machine? Can it also cut through metals? If yes, what kind? I have an old Prolight program, will it work? I also have IronCAD, but I don't know how to work it and don't have the manual for it. Another program I have is Mach... but i have the same problem (no manual). Where can I find these manuals? a Manual for Solidworks?
hawk01206 years ago
Thats really awesome. I used to run a Hydra-Jet cutting system. Cnc systems are just cool. I'll waiting for your tips on the software.
daman077 years ago
tell me about computer controlling of machine