Step 9: Engraving

Now that I got the machine back together after making the instructable and I did some engraving and made a PC board.
Cutting plastic is no problem but doing the PC board the bit went a little too deep on the left side of the board and took out all the finer traces. This is when you start tweeking on it. Just take some aluminum foil and put it under the rail of the Y axis. So as the stage travels left to right the height of the bit should stay the same.
Notice I'm just holding the material down with masking tape. What I like about this thing is, it's easy to fix these kinds of problems because it's all made from simple elements.
Here's the new video:

Also check out the follow up instructions on Stepper Motor Control: Easy Mill Stepper Motor Controller
jde castro12 years ago
sir tom, were making this as our project, but may i ask if whether the size of the threaded rods will have an effect in its movements? or can it be adjusted on the KCAM? thanks ^^
rock04123 years ago
This is a real nice piece of equipment I think I will try it very soon
kunchu3 years ago
What should i do once i engrave the pcb? Can I use it right away or should use an etchant again?

dflam3 years ago
You do realize that theoretically you can calibrate by having the machine just mill the baseboard support using some large milling head, thus achieving a perfectly flat base? I guess this depends also on how much the machine changes when you move it from place to place...
This is absolutely Fantabulous. Will try it out. also can you give me an indication as to what software, and electronics you have used here.
I also liked dmlong's idea for using it to make panels for RC planes, (and cars etc).
please do share the Software and Electronics Details please.
dmlong4 years ago
Do you know anyone using your CNC to make parts out of balsa wood for model RC airplanes?
polilies4 years ago
Hi! this is really good job, pretty fast to do. may i ask something like "sanzya"; how
thin paths is it drawing on the copper plate? thank you..
what kind of bitr do u use in the rotary tool?

ps very nice design and instructable
heroseac5 years ago
hi Tom, thanks for posting this amazing project, i ´m gonna start building it , i understood almost everything but, i was wondering , the pipe sizes? so i can start the project ,i hope you can get back to me a soon as possible i just can´t wait to start the project. thanks again.
Do you use a Microcontroler to move the steps motors? Which one? When you turn on the machine, do you send it to cero?
Thank you!
0655 years ago
Hi I'm currently trying to construct your machine but I'm having trouble understanding  how your machine works with out and limit switches?
TJLaw6 years ago
Absolutely genius!!! What do you use for software to make the drawings and to "translate" them to the motor controllers?? I am currently in the middle of my build and any help would be greatly appreciated.
jamunda6 years ago
OMG THAT IS AWESOME! I'd make it but I see no use in it for me... BUT THAT IS AWESOME! Good work!
bfman6 years ago
This is simply an amazing device. I am very interested in not only doing this project but also in adapting the CNC portion to a lathe. I haven't found any info on interfacing the computer with the stepper driver board. Did I miss it?
lafeliz6 years ago
hey, can i mill mdf wood? for example if i want to make a pc mouse made of foam or wood, this cnc could make it?
narpas6 years ago
what kind of bit are you using to cut the plastic?
marcwolf6 years ago
Thats is truly brilliant I like the way you held the tables on using ball wheels. And also using a piece of rubber to stop vibrations between the table and the motor is good too. Looking forward to more of your examples Dave
This is a nice tutorial. I was wondering if I could use this for a thin sheet of aluminum, say .125" thick?
gn0stik7 years ago
you have to freeze the cheese before cutting it. Also, you probably have to take some breaks and do it in stages, re-freezing the cheese and letting any friction heat dissipate. The bit probably won't get hot, but the friction will thaw the cheese. So, You CAN make cheese models favorite things from cheese. Or other semi solid materials. A Tofu Cow would be interesting. You could also laser etch things if you combined this with the DVD burning laser maglite mod. Just an afterthought
sanzya gn0stik7 years ago
hi,i have a question, this drill can make electronic circuits and about the holes of the circuit to insert the components, they can drill the holes??
macrumpton7 years ago
If you made a little collar that went around the chuck that had a couple of fan blades attached it would blow the debris off the work whenever the chuck was turning. Great project!
recon5067 years ago
Wut kind of motor are you using? I located a nice Japan Servo KP4M4-029 12VDC Stepper Motor for about 3 bucks, but it's a 5 lead connection. Is your motor a six lead connection? Will the schematic work with a 5 lead? Please write back soon.