Introduction: Easy to Extend, Faster, Always Reliable Item Sorter Tutorial in Minecraft 1.5 +

Here is a faster and more reliable item sorter for Minecraft 1.5 and above. It's not the most resource friendly though. The least amount of items for each sort is:

4 Blocks to Build On
4 Hoppers = 20 iron / 4 chests
1 comparator = 3 redstone dust / 3 sticks / 1 nether quartz / 3 stone
1 repeater = 3 redstone dust / 2 sticks / 3 stone
1 redstone torch = 1 redstone dust / 1 stick
2 redstone dust
23 of an item/of a combination of items.

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RichP37 (author)2016-08-01

Still the best and easiest sorter to date. However, the high level chest is a bit of a pain. Much better if you use a simple self powered dropper riser to bring items up from a chest on the ground up to the hoppers. Can easily link multiple sorters too in to one big automated sorting system (as has been done in this world and as is being done in my new world).

evan de ridder (author)2014-12-20

Looks nice :) let's see if I can do it too :) Thanks!

minecraftinform (author)2014-03-06

Wow this seems pretty hard to create.