Introduction: Easy to Make Bannock

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Bannock a very simple, portable bread that can be made for camping or just to have in the house. It uses very little ingredients and can be altered to the persons taste. It is perfect for hikers and campers.

Step 1: Ingredients

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3 cups flour

1.5 cups water

2 Tablespoons baking soda

1/4 cup melted butter

2 teaspoons salt

Optional: you can also add raisins nuts,etc be creative and make it to your tastes.

Step 2: Preperation

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1.mix flour and salt together in a large bowl.

2. pour in melted butter and water and mix with a fork until a ball forms.

3. Place ball on a floured service and kneed about 10 times

4. Form circles about half and inch to an inch thick.

Step 3: Cooking

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1.grease a pan and heat over medium high

2. place pieces of dough in hot pan and let cook for 15 minutes per side until a nice golden brown.

3.let cool and enjoy


parisusa (author)2016-10-03

My kids' dad made this a lot growing up (Canadian Scouts). I thought he told me he made it on a stick (wrapped dough around, I think). But I have never had it! Now I can make it in our back yard...thank you!

nathanya (author)parisusa2016-10-03

ya I have heard of it being cooked on a stick over the fire.
your welcome enjoy.

JeremyL7 (author)2016-10-03

1/4 what of butter? Great 'ible. Always looking for easy, long-life, recipes.

nathanya (author)JeremyL72016-10-03

sorry about that a 1/4cup of melted butter I will fix that.

nathanya (author)JeremyL72016-10-03

I used margarine because its all I had on hand and it worked great. normal butter would work too.

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