Easy to Make Bench





Introduction: Easy to Make Bench

A few months ago, I didn't have a fully equipped workshop yet. I only had a drill and a miter saw. I needed a bench so I started thinking how it could be done without needing to cut a big wooden board.

In the hardware store of the town, I found some wooden boards ready to use. I designed my bench combining four of those boards without any modifications. Thanks to the bottom one, the construction is very stable.

Step 1: What You Need

If you can find every piece of wood you need pre-cutted in a store, you won't even need a saw.

Step 2: Construction

Start the construction on a flat surface. You can press the parts against a wall to keep them well aligned.

Make sure the screws you have are not to long and won't go through the boards.

Step 3: Done !



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Looks can be deceiving. Your picture makes it look like its about 2438 mm long x 635 mm wide and 610 mm high, which would be awesome for my use, but alas, yours is about .5 the size. still an awesome build, I would definetly finish it with a black walnut stain and a few clear coats.

Maybe I should have put something else on the picture in order to better understand the scale. But you can easily rescale it as you need.

Your bench turned out great. Simple and awesome! Thanks for sharing

Happy to read it!

I'm really impressed!! I'm going to the se your idea with the middle support board. Brilliant!!!

Yay! I am so excited to do this this weekend! Exactly what I need and your instructions are GREAT! I'm pretty handy, but not an expert and sometimes the terminology/ builder jargon is so out of my realm, extra hours are spent googling furiously to figure out WHAT exactly the instructions are telling me to do. I commend your simple and doable design, and your clear concise instructions!!

Thanks so much for sharing.

Thanks for your nice comments !

Thank you. That is a nice, simple design. It looks very sturdy. I also like the way you used graphics for the parts and tools. I'm just starting to try things and this looks like a good one to try out! I wonder how well it would scale up for a table or a coffee table?

Thanks for your comment. Yes, it definitely could work for a coffee table, but the design might be a bit heavy for a regular table, I guess.