IN THIS INSTRUCTABLE YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO BUILD A CARDBOARD DAGGER : you will need a blade, scissors, cardboard, masking tape, PVC glue, pencil, marker, paint optional

Step 1: Drawing the Dagger

come up with a unique sword or dagger design or look up one after your happy with your design cut it out

Step 2: Tracing

using your cut out design tape it on your cardboard and using the marker to trace it out

Step 3: Cutting Out the Design

using the drawn out design cut out the cardboard shape using the blade and scissors do this step twice

Step 4: Gluing

get the two pieces and using the glue glue the pieces to each other and let them dry

Step 5: Clean Up

using the tape wrap the sides with tape to make it look better

Step 6: Painting

using spray or acrylic paint to make it look more better

hope you enjoy and make this yourself

<p>Cardboard is great for making all kinds of simple props.</p>

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