Most SLR/DSLR cameras (and even some high end point-and-shoot models) are made to be used with a neck strap.  It's an easy way to carry a camera, but the strap that is included when you buy your camera may not be the most comfortable, and it certainly won't be the most stylish.

I found that making your own camera straps is easy and cheap!  And you're able to change straps in a matter of seconds - make a strap for every mood or situation.  Follow along to find out just how easy it is!

If you have any questions, comments, or praise, I'd love to hear it!

Step 1: Materials You Need

Depending on what you have in your crafting scraps, this project could end up costing less than $5, or even be free!  Any measurements I give are approximate - I did the whole project by eyeballing everything, but I know some people appreciate numbers.

What you Need

> Fabric that you want to be the strap, 28" by 4".  (I recommend nothing stretchy or shiny)
> Black unbacked vinyl, enough to make 4 2.25"x2.25" squares per strap.
> Heavy upholstery fabric, 28" by 2" per strap.  Pattern doesn't matter, as it won't be visible.
> Scrap fleece, 9" by 4".  This also won't be visible.
> Needle and thread, in matching or contrasting colors.
> Seam ripper
> Scissors
> Lighter
> Fusible webbing (optional)
> Iron and ironing board
> Pins
> Sewing machine
> Small breed dog collars. One, plus one for every strap you want to make.

Important notes about the collars!!

Do not use the buckles from cat collars!  They are made with "break-away" buckles, that will pull apart under enough tug.  You don't want to take the chance that your camera will fall.

You can find small dog collars at any large store like Walmart or Target, for about $2.50 each.  Make sure you do a thorough inspection of the ones you buy, especially of the snaps.  I found that even when buying collars of the same brand, sometimes the two sides of the snaps don't fit tightly with those of other collars.  Make sure the ones you buy all fit tightly with each other!  Also make sure the webbing is the same width, and close to the same weight as your existing camera strap.  You may get some odd looks if you test them while standing in the store, but it's better than getting them home and ending up with a bunch of hardware you can't use.

If you have an especially heavy camera, you may want to buy two toy breed dog leashes with the snaps on the ends, instead of the plastic clips.  Using these with sets of metal D-rings will be much more secure, but will also be much heavier and more bulky than the plastic clips.  My camera is just over 21 oz. and I never had a problem with the buckles slipping apart, even while pulling on them or bouncing my camera.  But if you're worried about your camera falling, go with the heavier option!!
love it
I LOVE the Simpsons fabric! Where did you buy it?
 very cool.  Now i'll have to make friends with someone with a sewing machine :|
Nice... Hello new guitar strap!!<br />

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