Hi all,
I've been wanting to make this project for some time and I have finallly been able to get my hands on the right type of gas lighter to pull apart!
Now this thing won't knock you down but It will give you a good old shock - especially if you hack it and add a bit more power to it.

This is a really easy project which anyone with a little soldering skills can make.  All you really need is a "continuous piezo electric sparker" which takes a battery.  These are used to light gas BBQ's, heaters, etc and can be purchased from Amazon or Ebay. (see link in step 1)

Remember to be careful - it is electricity afterall and I don't won't anyone to hurt themselves!

Saying that, there is nothing bettter than to zap your brother on the arse and watch him jump!

Check out the video below

Step 1: Step 1 Parts and Tools

You will need the following parts to make your Mini Stun Gun

1)   Piezo Electric Spark Starter.  These can be purchased from Amazon 

2)   AAA battery holder - it needs to hold 2 batteries

3)   Thick electrical wire, as well as some normal, everyday electrical wire.

4)   Wire (this is to make the prongs at the end)

I used the following tools but just use whatever you have that will do the job

1)   Dremmel

2)   Pliers

3)   Soldering iron

4)   Stanley knife

5)   Hot glue gun

6)   Phillips Head Screwdriver

7)   Heat Shrink Plastic
<p>nice project. sadly illegal where I live. nice nonetheless.</p>
<p>Any info on the amperage?</p>
<p>Not too sure but it does pack a punch</p>
<p>you can watch at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ReJo4jfybBw</p>
<p>Geez monster you wrote it 28 times! I'm definitley going to have to zap you now</p>
<p>How much does this cost?</p>
<p>About $25</p>
if I connected it to a capacitor bank would it be powerful enough to knock someone out
add in a voltage multiplier with enough stages for 50,000 volts. OUCH!
It can be. Just don't stick it in your eye. <br>All jokes aside it does hurt if you zap one spot for too long and can burn a little so be careful if you do make one
its cool, but isn't that a little danderous?

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Bio: I've always liked pulling things apart - it's the putting back together again that I have some issues with.
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