Step 3: Shape the stakes into...well, stakes.

Picture of Shape the stakes into...well, stakes.
Cut one end of your stake at an angle, as shown, to create 1/2 of the point.
Cut the other end to complete the "V" shape point .
This is the part that will stick into the dirt near your plant.

[2nd photo below] You can round the other end, for no reason except the fact that it looks nice.
Plus a rounded top edge does not leave any sharp edges to get hurt on.

[3rd photo below] Shows my own cut, rounded stakes on the left and the factory-end of the original mini-blind slat on the right [for comparison].

Word to the Wise: Cutting the 'V' points and rounded ends of the mini-blind slats WILL leave
lots of sharp, tiny cut pieces. Care should be taken to dispose of waste pieces properly.

If you have very small children, they should not play with these sharp pieces-
and if you have chickens, they WILL try to peck [and eat] these things!