Step 7: Ummm...Any Safety Issues....?

Picture of Ummm...Any Safety Issues....?

There is some talk going on that mini-blinds should not be used due to lead.
This is due to the scare that happened about 10-12 years ago.
Just make sure the blinds you use are lead-free.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) found that older, imported vinyl (plastic) mini blinds contain high amounts of lead which can be hazardous to young children. These blinds were manufactured before mid-1997 and imported from China, Indonesia, Taiwan and Mexico.
Manufacturers used lead in blinds to stabilize the vinyl and make it less brittle.

Around 1997 the CPSC changed the law, promoted new packaging labeling, and encouraged families with young children to dispose of imported vinyl mini-blinds.

The mini-blinds that I used for these plant markers are only a couple of years old, were
purchased by me and do not contain any lead. In my experience, most mini-blinds don't last that long, anyway - so hopefully those older imported mini-blinds are not even around to be re-used, but I know it is possible. 1996 or earlier imported blinds should not be recycled into craft projects'' --they should be discarded as hazardous waste.