Make Awesome Pumpkins With a Few Materials





Introduction: Make Awesome Pumpkins With a Few Materials

Pumpkin carving has been a tradition for many years, mostly for halloween. The pumpkins give life to houses, streets and halloween itself. Pumpkin carving can be hard labor, and tiring if you don't know what to do, but not with my new method. This way to carve pumpkins is a great, easy and non time consuming way to light up your halloween. Get your creativity hats on because I'm going to give you a ride. So why not give it a try using my method.

*** Please be careful when using knives and fire, if you are under aged please have parental supervision at all times. Enjoy!!!***

Step 1: Gutting Your Pumpkin

To make a great halloween pumpkin you first need to take the insides out, so it looks neat and not sloppy. You do this by first cutting a small circular hole around the stem of the pumpkin and take it off for now, be careful not to brake the stem (you will need this for later purposes). Then after cutting the hole you can take a spoon, (the bigger the better), you know what I'm saying go big or go home, and scoop out the insides of the pumpkin. If the pulp of the pumpkin isn't coming out don't worry just take a pair of cutting scissors and cut it off into the garbage. Now we can go to the next step, how simple is that

Step 2: Start Carving Your Pumpkin.

The next step is to start carving your pumpkin. This step requires a bit of effort, but don't worry not too much! A little trick of the trade is to draw your eyes and mouth out with sharpie so you can follow the lines and be accurate with no hard work. How great is that! After you draw the eyes out with sharpie, you take a knife (sharp preferred) you slowly cut out around the sharpie. Make sure you push out the cutting of the eye but be careful not to make any damages to the pumpkin itself. And vwalla you have an eye, how easy was that! Then you do the same thing to the next eye. Don't worry if you mess up you can always make a new design over the mess-up and you will never notice its there! Next you make a mouth and do the same the same things as the eyes. Let your creativity inspire you! You can never go too far!! The next step is optional which is a nose. To make one you just do the same as the eyes and mouth its that simple. If this step seems complicated don't panic it just takes a lot of concentration and if you do that its as easy as pie. Don't forget to put the top back on like I said, you will need it for later.

Thats it you are done with your first pumpkin.

Wasn't that easy!!!!!

Step 3: Spicing Things Up a Bit.

This step is optional, but if you want to make a really cool pumpkin you will do this step. For this step you need a small pumpkin of any color, a light/candle of some sort, a peeler and a knife/hatchet. For the first part with the little pumpkin we are going to carve it by shaving the front with a peeler (if the skin doesn't come off then just use the knife until you see the raw skin). After you peel the freon you are going to carve out a face in the front with a mouth open, like it's screaming. First you open the top of the pumpkin with a knife, make sure to make a little hole and not to brake it. It might be difficult to take out the seeds and pulp inside the pumpkin, so if you can't do it don't worry. Then you take a knife or scissors, and poke little holes to form eyes and a mouth. After you do this you are about to be finished. You then take the big pumpkin and little one and place them next to each other. After that you put a knife/hatchet in the big ones head (including the stem) but be super careful not to break your hard work, and your body!! To make things even cooler you can place fake blood or ketchup on the knife to show it bleeding out. You will then see the little one staring at the big one with the mouth open, emphasising screaming, and its perfect for halloween. Last thing to do is to place candles in the big and little one by opening the tops of both, and placing the candles inside. This will give them a glow and will be perfect and definitly stand out in a crowd! Thats it!!!!

Now how simple was that!!!



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    Yeah and this was also my first time carving a pumpkin and I got to say this way was really easy

    I just noticed it's your first instructable, that makes it even better!

    These look really good! Well done. :-)

    Thanks so much and enjoy!!

    These look good! I like the design you chose for the big one, we might need to make one of those this year. :)