Picture of Easy to Sew Fingerless Gloves
A friend of mine sent a pair of over-the-knee stockings, and asked me use them to make a pair of fingerless gloves. The picture she sent of her vision showed a thumb piece (as opposed to a thumb hole), so I sat down to figure out how to go about creating these gloves. As it turns out, it's pretty darned easy. Here's how I made the gloves:

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Step 1:

Picture of
Cut the toe section off of the socks. Depending on the length of the stockings, you may have enough for 2 pair as I did with these.  I'm using the tops of the socks for this pair -- they're about 10" long.

DoctorBot2 years ago
Wow awesome!
great job its way better than i can do
RSV263 years ago
im going to use this for my bracer padding , can i make 1 with my pinky coverd?
deChez (author)  RSV263 years ago
Try this: cut the entire piece a little bit longer so that everything covers your pinky.

Sew a backwards check mark (like you would to create the thumb piece) making the smaller line of it end where you want the larger center piece (the part that will cover the other 3 fingers).

Cut between the pinky piece, and larger piece in the same way as you would the thumb piece.

Cut off the center piece (the piece that will cover the other 3 fingers) just above the short side of that backwards check.

Stitch the pinky section closed at the top (you can either cut it to a rounded shape before or after your sew it closed).

Hope this makes sense.
RSV26 deChez3 years ago
a bit off . can i hand sow it ?
deChez (author)  RSV263 years ago
sure...you can hand sew the entire thing if that works better for you. Best way would be to baste those "check marks" in, then cut, then stitch everything closed by hand with a blanket stitch, or smaller stitches.
RSV26 deChez3 years ago
thank u ill show it to u when im done
RSV26 RSV263 years ago
IM FINISHED. the first one is what ive done ,i had the glove (just lost it ) and i found my preveous mess up ,combined the two and you have the pading . the 2end pic: how i sowed it .th 3ird pic : what i did , i maid a slide show on it for more info
breumer3 years ago
Great Idea Thank you very much for this tutorial !
OlgaZi3 years ago
Классно! Просто здорово. Люблю такие вещи. Отличная идея :))
cheesewhiz93 years ago
Everyone was wearing fingerless gloves!!!! They truly improve the power of a boombox!