My brother likes to ski, and he told me that they aren't supposed to wear scarves while skiing, because you don't want to wear anything that might catch on a tree. We had a hood like this at the time, but it was light blue and covered in penguins, and my then 15 year old brother wanted nothing to do with a light blue penguin covered hood! So I looked at it and figured out how to make it, and he got a nice black one for Christmas that year. Then dad decided he liked it for working outside, so I had to make another one. The one I made in this instructable is going to mom, who wants one when she has to go outside too.

It's really easy to do, doesn't require any pattern, and can be made in under an hour.

Step 1: What You Need

Besides being really easy, it's also rather inexpensive. It takes:

One large chunk of fleece, about 3 feet by a little over 1 foot (It was a scrap I found around the house)
One shoelace (I'm sure you can find something to do with the other one on Instructables somewhere)
A sewing machine
Nice "ible" but I can't really see what it looks like on a nutcracker !
Thanks. :) Perhaps you can see it better on the last step?
Inserting the drawstring is a lot easier if you use a great big safety pin.<br>Just pin the string through the end (or next to a knot), and push the pin through the 'tunnel'. It drags the string through after it.

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