Step 3: Photo Etching a Driver Board

Picture of Photo Etching a Driver Board
OK, For all you chemistry majors who want to do something a little more professional here are some .pdf files you can print out and iron on or what ever you do to make an etched PC board. There's a Top Silk (just for reference), Top Copper, and Bottom Copper.

If you want to go easy Just do the Bottom Copper. There's not that much on the top and you can just solder jumpers where you need to.
alnajem4 years ago
very good thanks
lkroland4 years ago
I've done a version of a single controller in Eagle and put it at http://lars.roland.bz/eagle/StepperController.zip if anyone's interested. I hope Tom doesn't mind me posting it here. Thanks so much for a cheap working controller. Reason I only have one (and have to make three of these) is that I can only make really small pcbs.
I have been looking and cant figure out what the holes near the parallel port are for? I drilled holes but don't know what goes there... Any thoughts? Thank you
isozforever5 years ago
this board works with mach 3 cnc program? gcode?
im not sure yet, in test phase atm, but i think so, just have to get the right settings.
theres a very nice video tutorial on the devolopers site.
ziggalo5 years ago
 how do you punch out the holes for the leads? and also, from the pictures, these are 5-wired stepper motors? thanks
kb3guy6 years ago
Nice job on the project, I think this will be very useful. Could you perhaps add a mirror-image version of either the top or the bottom layout? This is necessary for the way most people seem to do home made printed PCB's.
ironaxe697 years ago
also, where would I wire in home switches on the board?
ironaxe697 years ago
Tom, on the 3dsilk, can you add what value for the resistors? I cant tell from the pics where they go.... I am up at 4:15am putting this circuit together, and Im stumped. thanks! Joe