Hello World!
This is my first Instructable, so please be patient if I don't describe everything perfectly :-)

This is an easy but efficent way to make a wine shelf yourself. This is mine, mounted, oiled and filled up with some good wine bottles.

Step 1: Ingredients (I Also Like to Cook ;-) )

All you need are some 20mm thick, 125mm large and 2,5m (depending on the height of your room) long laths. You can get them almost everywhere in hardware stores. An electic drill, a jigsaw, some screws, a 30mm Forstner bit, time and some working skills ;-)
<p>Thanks for the idea. I'm currently designing a wine cellar. I will try to incorporate this idea into the cellar.</p>
Good Idea. Perhaps using shorter lengths that will fit into an existing cabinet or pantry unit.
Very nice!! <br> <br>Is it earthquake proof!!! hah hah
Really nice. <br>I'd love to make this for my house in Mexico.
great job man!!!
Very nice --too bad for me i cant use it <br>i buy my wine in 1/2 gallon jugs !!!
seems like you would break alot of bottles
im clumsy... <br> <br>it looks really nice though
Wine bottles are surprisingly tough. I'm betting that the pine used for this project would break before the bottles would.

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