Easy to Build Infinity Mirror.





Introduction: Easy to Build Infinity Mirror.

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We are going to build a really simple infinity mirror.
2.All you will need is a mirror ANY size, a LED string, a cardboard tube, a drill bit or cutting device, and a sheet of plastic, scotch tape
3.You will admire it's awesomness
4. Oh, and it's as easy as a,b,c,d,e,f.
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Step 1: Gathering Materials

What you will need.

This step will give you an in depth list of parts needed .

1. Cardboard tube-
You need a somewhat hefty tube, an oatmeal box would work. I think you could use any container despite shape but I used an oatmeal box (picture below).

2. Mirror-
Any mirror will work if it covers the bottom of the container. I didn't have a small mirror on hand so I just used my hallway mirror and taped my infinity mirror on.

3. LED string-
Any Christmas lights will work, but the best ones would be a string of mini LED lights with it's own batteries. There is a picture of the one I used below.

4. Plastic sheet-
Any solid sheet of clear plastic that can cover up the container will work.

5. Scotch Tape-
Do I really have to explain this?

See Scotch Tape.

7. Drill Bit-
Anything that can make a LED-sized hole through cardboard will do.

8. Aluminum Foil-
This is optional but it helps a lot.

Step 2: Prepping the Container

In this step I will show you how to get the container ready for the lights.

1. Trim the container to about 6 inches (18 cm) tall.
2. Measure the circumference of the container.  Then according to the number of lights you'll use, mark spots to drill holes for the LED's
3. (Optional) Cover the inside of the container with aluminum foil.
4. Use your drill bit to drill on the holes you marked earlier.
5. Cut little tabs at the bottom of your container.

Step 3: Adding the LED's

This is a one step process.

Put the LED's in the holes you drilled out

Step 4: Attaching the Plastic to the Container

This step will give the first "infinite" property to your mirror.

Place your container upside down on the plastic and trace the container.
2. Cut the pattern out of the plastic.
3. Glue or tape the plastic to the top of the container.
4. (Optional) Add another layer of plastic to give it more "infinity"

Step 5: Adding the Mirror

This is a very simple step to conclude the construction of the infinite mirror.

Take your mirror and attach it to the bottom of your container. Or visa versa depending on the mirror size you chose.

Step 6: Have Fun!!!

This is THE easiest step to follow.

1. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!



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