Having a  birthday party and do not want to buy a store bought cake? I will show you how to bake and decorate an Elmo shaped cake. With the economy the way it is I know it is always cheaper to bake a cake then to buy one. The total amount of money I spent on making this cake was fifteen dollars.
This tutorial is going to teach  you step by step how to make a cute Elmo cake.  This is an easy cake to make you honestly do not need any prior experience. If you are able to read and follow directions this cake will be a piece of cake. 
There are really not any safety precautions that you need to be aware of except to make sure to not eat the cake batter, use oven mitts, and to not touch the cake until it has had a chance to cool.

Step 1: Supplies

 To bake and decorate this elmo cake you will need the following supplies: 
1. Elmo cake pan
2. 2 packages of cake mix ( choose any kind you like)
3. The ingredients to complete the cake mix
   * 6 eggs
   * Vegetable oil
4. Corn Starch
5. 2-3 cans of frosting 
6. Food coloring
7. Spatula
8. Decorating bags
9. Decorating tips 3 and 12
10. Cake Board
11. Mixing bowl
12. Measuring cup
13. Mixer

Lol that message was llooonnngggg I LOVE ELMO IF ANYONE TOOK MY ELMO OF ME I WOULD.....I would ? Hmmmm GIVE THEM ALL THERE BROKEN BONES lol go elmo!!!!! :D
I love the cake but it is my dads birthday and I don't think he likes elmo (how?) well he also doesn't like icing so can u please make one, please I am really stuck!!! Xoxo
so cute.
I like your cake my wife would love it<br>I actually made an elmo cake out of fresh fruit for my nephews 1st birthday it was a hit everyone loved it i will try to post a pic, I have a new cake in the wedding contest please vote<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Totally-Fruity-Three-Tier-Wedding-Cake/
oh my god, I luv that! That looks sooo awsome! Go Elmo! :D
&nbsp;How hard could it be?<br /> Just heat 5 eggs, 500 ml of milk and some butter and about 3 cups of self raising flour. Heat at 350 degrees F and bake for about 1 hour.<br /> <br /> Set to cool and mix heated sugar, chemicals and colours to make frosting, or use store bought and lather to your wish on the cake.<br />

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