Introduction: Easy to Make Alien Reading Light

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In this instruct able I will be showing you how to build an alien sculpture reading light for you, your kids, friends or for sale. It is easy to build for most and the parts are not hard to obtain. Normally I would do a hard instruct able like the others on this site, but I got sick of taking many trips to the hardware store for valves, Bondo, gaskets and other troublesome building implements.

Step 1: Easily Obtained Parts

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You will need some..
- Wire or tubing(Easily Manipulated)
- Hot-Glue, Superglue, Contact Cement or some form of strong multi-purpose glue
- Nine Volt or other Power Source
- LED's or small voltage light sources
- Switch
- Extra Wire
- If you have a Nine Volt you will want to obtain a Nine Volt Connectors

You will Use...
- Tin Snips or Hacksaw
- Needle-nose Pliers
- File or 220-400 sandpaper
- Hot-Glue Gun
- Wire Strippers or Scissors
- Tape Measure

Step 2: Measure and Cut

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Measure out...
- Six 9'' Rods
- One 15'' Rod
... and cut with the Tin Snips or Hacksaw

Step 3: Bend and Reinforce

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Take each of your 9'' lengths and
bend at 4'', and 8'' into a ''z'' shape.

Afterwards reinforce the corners with Hot-Glue.

Step 4: Leg Construction

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Glue together the two one inch segments so it looks like the picture.
then the other two must be glued perpendicular to that new piece to make the ''legs''.
Then file the four holes together.

Step 5: Eye Stalks

Picture of Eye Stalks

Take the other two 9'' rods and bend them to your liking, and glue them onto the leg base.

Step 6:

Picture of

Take the 15'' rod and bend it into a U shape at the 5'' mark and 10'' mark.
Next, glue that on the leg stalk.

Step 7: Installing LED's

Picture of Installing LED's

Clip off the corner of the Eye Stalk and thread in and glue the LED's into it.

Step 8: Electronics

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Wire and glue up the...

- Switch
- Nine Volt
- LED's
... and insulate the connections


Samuel kos (author)2014-01-22

I'm sorry but really what is up with all the people trying to power LEDs with 9v batteries because the standard cheap led is rated at around 3.3v and 20mA which is is exceeded by at least 300% in both categories which in theory would burn the led up in a couple seconds or decrease the life of it dramatically.

They were 12 volt LED's

Ahh that makes more sense sorry if the comment was a little harsh but it doesn't make sense why so many people do this

i absolutely agree

thebear1 (author)Samuel kos2014-01-22

very good point that you have brought up

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