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This bowl is made using the same type of glass bubble bowl as in the introduction
of this Instructable, but it is much more shallow and of larger circumference. It is heavy, which
makes for an excellent pet food or water bowl after it has been properly sealed...don't want Fido
to become sick from anything harmful that may leak from the concrete. Thanks for the reminder,

No tipping! Best source for these bubble bowls -
yard sales and second hand stores.
danzo3213 years ago
Sorry Quester, I don't know where you got the idea hydrochloric acid is anywhere around. It is in Muriatic acid which dissolves [destroys] concrete. Portland cement is a strong alkali [base], opposite of acid.
Everything in concrete is soon neutralized by water and time.
Quester554 years ago
This may have already been mentioned, But Concrete Of any type, Needs to be Treated Before Allowing Animals to Drink from it. Over Time it will Leach-out Poisons that can Kill a Cat, Dog Etc...
I suggest using a bit of In-Ground Pool Paint & Gloss after the Bowl has had time to Cure. Another ( Though Less Reliable ) Coat the Inside of the Bowl with Hot Paraffin or Bee's Wax, Both create a great Watertight Seal.
WUVIE (author)  Quester554 years ago
Thank you so much, Quester! I will definitely amend the Instructable to include this great information!