Introduction: Easy to Make Dummy Baseball Grenades

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These are the easiest thing in the world to make. You will need no special skills, just a lot of tape.

Step 1: Materiels

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You will need a spoon, a roll of electrical tape, an old tennis ball, a paper clip, and some duct tape.

Step 2: Bend the Spoon

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Bend the spoon so it breaks at the head.

Step 3: Tape the Spoon

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Tape the spoon with electrical tape on the ball.

Step 4: Tape the Handle On

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Tape the broken handle onto the head at an angle with duct tape, then wrap it up with electrical tape.

Step 5: Wrapping Up. Literally.

Picture of Wrapping Up. Literally.

Wrap up the ball fully with electrical tape.

Step 6: Making the Pin

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Take a paper clip and bend it into a pin. Tape it where you deem fit.


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