Introduction: Easy to Make Lightweight Multi-purpose Tyvek Bag

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I got the insperation for thisproject while puting off cleaning my room, my mom had recently made some online purchases and had some tyvek envelopes lying around. I tried to make it with as few materials as possible to make it easy to reproduce.

Step 1: Materials

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the materials are very minimal, all you need are.
1) 2 tyvek priority mail envelopes
2) Scissors

Step 2: Start Construction

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For the first bag, cut where the the line is in the picture.

Step 3: The Second Bag

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For the second bag you will turn it into the strap. First trim off the top like the frst one (save this scrap) and trim off about a half inch off the bottom. After that you should cut it into 2-2.5 inch strips depending on how long you want the strap to be. After that you should have 5-7 rings.

Step 4: Make the Strap

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You have to link all the rings together to make the strap. I will do my best to explain it is for some reason you dont know how. (Pic one) First you thread one ring through the other. Pic two)Then you thread the top ring through itself and pull tight. Then repeat to link as many together as you want depending on your desired strap length (third pic, finished strap)

Step 5: Finish the First Envelope

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You will need to make a place for the strap to hook onto. To start fold down approx. 1 in of the top and then fold over again (pic one). Then fold in the edge and cut a slit to make a hole for the strap (pic's two and three). (the the pen is there to illustrate where the hole is)

Step 6: Attach the First Side of the Strap

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The first side of the strap can be connected the same way as the handle was attached together. Put the end of the strap through the hole and thread it through its self untill tight.

Step 7: Make the Attaching Tie

Picture of Make the Attaching Tie

To attach this side of the strap you have to make a small tie piece. Take one of the top scraps from the envelopes and cut off a piece lime the one in the picture and roll it up. Then tie the ends.

Step 8: Attach Strap

Picture of Attach Strap

To attach this end of the strap you stick the free end of the strap through the hole and tie it to itself using the tie you made with your prefered knot.

Step 9: Finished!

It may seem long, but in reality you can make the bag in around 15 min or even less. I hope that you have fun makeing you own tyvek bag.

In the future I may experiment with different styles of bags and post the results.

Slight disclamer: The envelopes I used were already used for mailing and were not misused. I do not misuse usps materials nor do I encourage others to misuse them.


dr.maximus! (author)2007-08-25

lool a bag i wish i was that clever. lol jk omg nypd

Flashflint (author)2007-08-19

Ok, ill do that when I get the chance.

rikkdbomb (author)2007-08-18

the guy in the picture is awesome and everything (you?) but it would be very helpful if you included pictures of just the finished product..

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