Easy to Make Rubber Band Bracelets




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Introduction: Easy to Make Rubber Band Bracelets

 These bracelets look very nice and they are cheap to make.

Step 1: All You Need Is a Paper Clip and Small Rubber

All you need is a paper clip and small rubber bands. The amount of rubber bands depend on the size of the wrist.

Step 2: Puting It Together

You get a rubber band and put it on the paper clip so that half of the rubber band is on one side and the other half in the other.

Step 3: Repeat Everything

Now you get another rubber band and put it with the rubber band you previously put. You will repeat this step many times until the bracelet is big enough

Step 4:

Using the last rubber band, connect the last one to the paper clip and now you are done



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    YAY! This is a nice and simple way to make a bracelet! Thanks!