Easy to Obtain 1-way Valves


Introduction: Easy to Obtain 1-way Valves

I have been experimenting with vacuum  bags and jars, for cooking application of vacuum. Being thrifty i found an easy 1-way valve many of us have at home right now.

What you need is

1. A coffee bag
2. A cutting device
3. A vacuum or in this case a Ziplock vacuum pump, used in their vacuum bag line

Its not perfect, and would probably need to have a piece of tape put over the slits on the front side to ensure the vacuum doesn't leak. As a food safe and easily replaceable 1-way valve, I think it has a lot of possibilities.



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    5 Discussions

    This whole thing told me absolutely nothing. It told what you need but did not say anything about how to make it....

    Please tell how to make it, but thanks one way valves come in very handy

    Another source is inside pump soap/shampoo/etc dispensers... although that sometimes depends.

    Another source for cheap one-way valves are sip cups for children. Many of them have plastic valves that are removable for going in the dishwasher.

    how about an instructable how to make it