Easy Tomato Drying Rack.





Introduction: Easy Tomato Drying Rack.

Need a quick tomato drying rack? I grow tomatoes and found myself with a lot of tomatoes, so many that I wasn't using them fast enough. I happen to love sun dried tomatoes and chili's and decided I would throw together a quick drying rack. This is what I came up with from things I had around the house.

Step 1: Secure Tomato Cages Together

Using larger zip ties I attached all the vertical rods on two tomato cages together with the rings offset enough to make several layers.

Step 2: Paint (optional)

Thought it would look nice in white.

Step 3: Prep the Screen.

Purchase or clean some old screen door mesh.

Step 4: Make Shelves

Cut the screen to fit the rings. Using zip ties secure the mesh to the layers.

Step 5: Shrink Wrap.

I wrapped the cages to to bottom leaving one slit down the side to access the shelves.

Step 6: Fill It.

Find someone to full it full of fresh tomatoes!

Step 7: Sun Dry.

find a nice spot to catch some sun.



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    I love snacking on them, the tomatoes lucky enough to avoid that go into bruschetta, pastas or baked onto bread. I have purchased it in powdered form for cooking and may eventually make some. I like to make chili powder from the Bhut Jolokia chili's on the bottom rack.

    I like the build. What foods do you usually put your dried tomatoes in? Or do you just snack on them?

    muy buena idea.

    Insteresting, thanks for sharing.

    How many days (average) you must wait?

    nice. I'll try your version. ha! I heard bugs don't bother them too.....false. I tossed a whole tray bc flies found a way under my cheesecloth.

    Good idea & Perfect Machine .. :)

    The plastic wrap was to help keep it hot inside as well as clean, as for the bugs, they don't seem to be interested in them.

    What about bugs? No bugs crawling in the little hole in the top?