Step 3: Electrical connections

The wiring is pretty easy, you can see it in the diagram.
What you'll need to do first, is replace the small multi-turn potentiometer with the big one, it'll make the voltage controlling easier.
Then connect the voltmeter and the spring terminal in parallel at the converter output.
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habbasi11 year ago
Can i use a laptop adopter? its power ratings are as follows:
Input:220 V AC
Output: 18.5 Volt DC, 3.5 Amp
Any chance you could post a link to the LED Volt Meter? All the ones I've found on ebay have been significantly more expensive. Great Instructable BTW. I've been looking for something like this forever!
pinomelean (author)  smithrickya1 year ago
ivanjacob1 year ago
Nice and easy, great job!