When it comes to home decor, the lady and I prefer to adorn our home with unique and interesting items that were never intended as decorations.

Like bottles, old containers, miscellaneous hunks of rusty metal, and so forth.

Something we always look out for are interesting bulk food sacks. Burlap potato sacks, cloth flour sacks, and grain and feed sacks often have distinct, eye-catching artwork and logos. These make for great wall art.

So when we came across this neat-looking pinto beans sack, we thought it would be cool to put it in a weathered-wood frame and hang it in our dining room.

We like the rustic, old-westy feel of it.

The method I show here could be used to quickly frame up all sorts of stuff. I hope this gives you some ideas to help with your next project.

Thanks for taking a look!

Step 1: Acquire item to be displayed

Here's the pinto bean sack. I especially like the logo with the stretched hide on the wagon wheel.

Very cool
I know seamster if u saw my Vote thing why didint u vote I wanted to know which one i could make OK
<p>This looks so awesome! I feel like there I a ton of things I would want to hang up with this frame you made. Thanks</p>
You're welcome! Easy home decor, and it's not necessarily screaming &quot;PALLET!&quot;
<p>I totally love using unusual items as home decor items! This is fantastic!</p>
Looks very nice. Good use of some nostalgic items
<p>Thanks! We really like it.</p>

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