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Introduction: Easy Way to Engrave on Glass

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Customize glassware with nothing more than a Dremel Engraver.  With this nifty little tool you can engrave your own custom designs on glass jugs, engrave glasses for wedding and engagement gifts, repurpose glass jars in practical containers and have lots of fun.

I have posted plenty of projects on Home-Dzine.co.za using various Dremel Tools, so check them out if you have time.

Step 1: Mask Off

When doing a fairly detailed design, I find it easier to apply masking tape to the entire project, unless you are expert at using an engraver.  By masking off you not only add protection to the glass, but also make it easier to follow a template.

Step 2: Draw or Trace

Draw or trace your chosen design onto the glass. I am a wildlife fanatic and love Zebras, so I am adding a zebra onto a glass jar to add to my African collection.  If you aren't very good at drawing, find a nice picture on the Internet that you can use.

Step 3: Cut Out

Use a sharp craft knife to cut out the areas that will be engraved.  You can see how easy it makes the actual engraving process when you use masking tape.

Step 4: Start Engraving

Where you removed the tape you will now gently stroke across the glass.  You don't need to apply heavy pressure, let the engraving tool do what it's supposed to do.  For a more pronounced effect, go over the design again.  You can also do shading by increasing the speed of the engraver.

Step 5: Polish and Display

All-in-all this project took about an hour from start to finish and I now have another piece to add to my collection.  The jug was on special and cost practically nothing, which means I saved myself a bundle!

Find more easy Dremel projects on Home-Dzine.co.za - so pop in for a chat!



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There had trouble uploading. But my profile pic is those dolphins i mentioned

Oh and thank you. I have done a few neat ones since. I have a neat dolphin one i lined with blues lights :)

I used a combo of diamond carbide bits and green stone bits i beleive are tungsten carbide

Did it on a floating frame abd vrass wire brush for that gold glimmer


done on mirror i use high speed cutting bits so i dint scratch glass but only remove reflecting surface. then painted with blacklight reacting paint. also not sure why my celtic cross uploaded twice


would it not be easier just to fix the template to the inside of the vessel and trace over it?

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yes you can. but i will say depending on the image it gets hard to properly follow lines. the rounding of the glass distorts images. now with pic frames perfect and easy. and ive gotten pretty ruff and havent broke a pic frame glass yet. mirror is a different story all together and instead of engraving bits i used the high speed cutting bits. so youi dont scratch the glasd but u take the backing off

One tip that I have for anyone using a dremel on glass is to either wear a good respirator or dusk mask OR keep a spray bottle of water near bye. water will help to keep the glass dust out of the air and out of our lungs. Happy engraving!

Check out the hand engraved glass of Jack Nicholson The Shining done by JayEngrave. This was done with a dremel fitted with a flexishaft and a micromotor with diamond tip burrs



If I don't have a Dremel, will another type of engraver work?

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Most engravers will work on glass as long as they don't vibrate too much and the glass is reasonably thick.

I use the Dremel multitool with the flex shaft to do the same thing. They have diamond ball engraving tips of different sizes that I like to start with. But, my tip is to go over the engraved surfaces at the end with one of the aluminum oxide tips (green cone tips) to smooth the surfaces for a cleaner look. It does tend to wear those tips down more quickly than when used for their intended function (polishing metal, sanding, and other smoothing jobs not necessarily on glass), but the cleaner look certainly leaves a satisfying look and feeling.

Very cool! I'm not familiar with the dremel engraver. is this one of the vibrating dealie's such as you would use to put your name on tools etc?