Whenever we want to marinate our chicken, we use dressing and dips to do the work for us. It's really easy and makes really good chicken!

Step 1: Get Your Chicken and Dressings

Whenever the chicken at my local Safeway is on sale, I take advantage and buy a ton!

Get your chicken and any dressings you want to use. You'll also need freezer bags. 

This time around I chose:

- Ranch
- Balsamic Vinegar
- Raspberry Vinegrette
- Barbecue Sauce
- Southwest Sauce

I do it this way as well with BBQ chicken on the grill Except I cut about 4 lines into the chicken breasts to sort of open them up a bit and get the BBQ sauce in the chicken, then I leave it in the bag refrigerated for an entire night, the longer the soak the better the chicken :)
Been doing this for a while... love it... and so easy....
Nice! I'm going to have to try this with all that chicken I have!

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