Easy Way to Copy a Key.





Introduction: Easy Way to Copy a Key.

If you are like me and have a bunch of unused old keys somewhere in your home this trick could come in handy.

Today i was going to copy a key with my dremel like tool  so i put 2 keys in the vice.
It was a real pain in the vice ;) to get them to align properly, and I trimmed to much of the copied key down.

So i aligned the keys(the original on the a bit larger similar type of a key) on the table,  took a spray paint , and sprayed from the 90° angle on them.

So you need:

1.A blank key or a bit larger but similar key with the same profile type.
2.Spray paint. (You will remove it from the original while it`s still fresh.)
3.Any  fine grinding tool and a vice/vise.

Step 1: Painting

Paint over the aligned keys (original key up) at an 90°angle.
Clean the original key, and put the copy in the vice.There`s no need for waiting on the paint to dry off.

Step 2: Grinding

Grind the colored part down.

Step 3: Try the Finished Key!



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Just use a tin can, easier to file down take that to a locksmith and bam done

Where do you get the blanks?

I got a big bunch of keys too. As i changed locks for some reason I kept all keys on a project of melting up the whole stuff but the idea that keys may be nickel plated (aren't they ?) kept me from puttting them all in the crucible .

I don`t ! But thay would work to :)

Hey everybody. What you're using to hold the key is a VISE. You all know what VICES are - but this is not the place to discuss those ;-)

why not ? What about using a vice-vise, does anyone have one in the garage?

depends if your a 'merikan

Well I blame the Google for translating to the non American version :P

You know you could go to home depot and make a key in less than 3 min and for $1