Picture of Easy way to copy a key.
If you are like me and have a bunch of unused old keys somewhere in your home this trick could come in handy.

Today i was going to copy a key with my dremel like tool  so i put 2 keys in the vice.
It was a real pain in the vice ;) to get them to align properly, and I trimmed to much of the copied key down.

So i aligned the keys(the original on the a bit larger similar type of a key) on the table,  took a spray paint , and sprayed from the 90° angle on them.

So you need:

1.A blank key or a bit larger but similar key with the same profile type.
2.Spray paint. (You will remove it from the original while it`s still fresh.)
3.Any  fine grinding tool and a vice/vise.
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Step 1: Painting

Picture of Painting
Paint over the aligned keys (original key up) at an 90°angle.
Clean the original key, and put the copy in the vice.There`s no need for waiting on the paint to dry off.

Step 2: Grinding

Picture of Grinding
Grind the colored part down.

Step 3: Try the finished key!

Picture of Try the finished key!

jack85593 years ago
If you have a machinist's tool called a scribe, you can also scratch a line on the larger key instead of painting it making the overspray a thing of the past - no imperfections as long as you hold the scribe at the correct angle all the time. The closer that you keep the keys together the better, hence the vise like you used!
bubbaclaw3 years ago
Cool Instructable. *Gives you a thumbs-up*
wanna beco3 years ago
I would have never thought of this... it's awesome... I have a bajillion old keys around!!
dangerine3 years ago