Introduction: Easy Way to Remove Pills From a Blister Pack

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This is the result of a comment made on this instructable:

I have some pills in a hard to open blister pack and her comment got me thinking I should be able to help her.

To open a blister pack using my method all you will need is a small flat screwdriver. On mine the blade is 1/8 inches wide.

Step 1: Make an Opening

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Turn the blister pack vertical so the pill falls to the bottom.

Hold the screwdriver horizontal.

Pierce the foil with the screwdriver at the top of the blister.

Step 2: Prepare to Open the Blister

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Turn the blister pack horizontal.

Insert the screwdriver horizontally through the blister on top of the pill.

Go a little past the blister so you have a place to apply leverage without breaking the pill.

Step 3: Finish the Process

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Carefully lift the screwdriver to tear the foil and reveal the pill.


peppypickle (author)2015-01-09

a screw driver? brilliant! thanks for sharing!

grannyjones (author)2015-01-09

Awesome!, and thank you. I have previously used a seam ripper, but have come a bit too close to impaling my hand.

JRV31 (author)grannyjones2015-01-09

Glad I could help.

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