Lacing is generally regarded as a very complex science. Actually it is not so difficult if you follow exactly the steps explained for instance here: 



However, it is easy to make mistakes when trying to follow these methods.

Here I explain a no-think lacing method which is really easy. In the example I change the hub of a wheel, but the same method may be used to copy the lacing pattern of an existing wheel when building a new one.

Paper tape
Spoke key
Spokes, rim, hub, as needed. You will provably need new spokes, which must be calculated for the hub and rim dimensions. Happily, spokes are cheap in internet and can be easily calculated online, for instance here:  http://www.bikeschool.com/tools/spoke-length-calculator

Step 1:

Put paper tape over the rim and hub.

Very clever method.
Gracias rimar. Si veo que interesa, escribiré la versión castellana (bueno, el día que encuentre un teclado de los nuestros ...).
Cuando era un muchachito (más muchachito que ahora, quiero decir) tuve que hacer ese trabajo, de comedido nomás, para unos primos, y recuerdo que me dio mucho trabajo. Y eso a pesar de que tenía permanentemente a la vista una rueda armada para copiarme.

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