Picture of Easy wood saddle rack
so my wife wanted something decent to rack her saddle on and challenged me to make something for as little money as possible. this design requires one 12x8 or 12x10 one inch thickness board, and three 3x8 one inch boards plus some screws, a robe hook, a saw, even a hand saw, drill and bits and optionally some stain/varnish
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Step 1: Decisions about design

Picture of decisions about design
look at this frame- decide if you want a shelf below the center support, if you do then buy a 10 foot board, if you want it exactly like mine, get the 8 footer. you can salvage the wood for the top from pallets as i did or buy the three  3 inch boards. the shelf is a later addition and has proven good for holding brushes and the center support works great to rack the common green tool trays  we all have around the barn.

Step 2: Cutting the ends

Picture of cutting the ends
saw the 12 incher into three pieces- two that are 36 inches and the remainder. if you want the shelf then saw that remainder into two equal lengths. these will become the ends and center support/shelf.
now mark the exact center of the end pieces and run a line all the way down
remember that "12 inch" is NOT the actual measurement so adjust the mark as needed.
ever notice that a two by four is not 2x4- same thing

Step 3: Cut the top slats

Picture of cut the top slats
cutting down your 8 foot 3 inch wide board to 32 inches will yield 9 slats. of course using pallet pieces is cheaper but trim them down as needed.

Step 4: Tombstone the top

Picture of tombstone the top
lay a slat along the centerline of the end piece and use it as a guide to mark a 45 on either side of it, allow 3/4 inch wiggle room on either side. stack the two ends and cut out the tombstone shape-this will ensure they match even if you do the 45's by eye.
dchall82 years ago
My daughter is a seasonal rider at a nearby stable. When she is riding (fall and spring) we leave her saddle on an upside down Rubbermaid bin in the back of the SUV. When she is not riding I mounted a 5-gallon bucket on the garage wall and keep the saddle off the ground like that. Bridle, girth, brushes, and picks go inside the bucket. Blankets go on top of the saddle. I'm not sure my bucket on the wall would work for a heavy western saddle, but it is great for English. For about $10 I have two racks.
2nup350 (author)  dchall82 years ago
i like that idea! ideal for an English rider. a western saddle would break it though.
lovermier1 month ago
thank you great idea
whiteoakart2 years ago

The only thing I thought of adding was a shelf under the center support. Then I saw you already mentioned that.

Happy trails!
This is great! Nice work.