Easy Woven Paracord Belt





Introduction: Easy Woven Paracord Belt

This belt is pretty easy to make and looks good in my opinion. You can use any kind of belt buckle you want for it, I used D rings (Yes, I know, I don't have them fastened correctly, I always wear them this way because I'm cool like that.)

Step 1: Supplies

You will need the following:

Paracord (I used 550 cord)
A belt buckle of some type (Doesn't really matter, whatever you think would look best)
And some good belt weaving music, I chose the Old Crow Medicine Show.
Oh, and maybe some M&M's too. Those are always great when doing tedious things such as this.

Step 2: Measuring.

Measuring.....Well, In this photo I attempted to show one measuring the waist, then you would need to double that. This is false, I did not take in account for how tiny the weaves are, and thus, how much cordage is used.
But basically, You need alot of cordage. Alot.
Rather than the waist measurement and doubling, you might do good to triple this measurement instead, possibly quadruple to be safe.
after you have cut your mega long cord, Do this five more times, You should end up with 6 mega long strands, More if you want it thicker than this belt, less if you want it thinner.
Also, you can use any variation of colors you like.
Also also, If your strands are too short for whatever reason (like mine were) just cut some more, and burn that end onto the current end of the too short strand, You can weave where it was fused together into the back of the belt so it will not be seen.

Step 3: Getting It Set Up to Weave

*Cue fantastic weaving music (Once again, Old Crow Medicine Show was my personal choice, but you may want something else.)
Take your  6 mega long strands (or however many you ended up wanting to use) and clip them together at the end. This will be your top/Weave starting point 2.0.

Step 4: Get Your Weave On!

By now you should have eaten some M&M's and checked facebook a few times, maybe changed the song a time or two to play that one you really like.
It's now time to start the weaving process.
Do you recall making friendship bracelets when you were younger? Yes, it is that one basic weave, the one everyone always learns first, that we will be using today.

Here I have embedded a video of me weaving it, in case the photos confuse you (I learn better from videos than I do photos half the time.)

Also, I will attempt to explain in words how this is done.
Start with strand one, put it behind strand 2, then, bring 1 back around and put through the loop now made by strand 1 and 2, pull tight. Rinse, Lather, Repeat.
In other words, Take strand 1, and loop it around strand 3.
Then strand 4
Then strand 5
Then strand 6
Now 1 should be at the end, and 2 at the front. Start over, Start out strand 2, EXACTLY as you did strand one, work your way weaving down the line till you reach the end, then start at the start again with strand 3.
Keep doing this over and over and over again, until you have a fantastical belt.

Step 5: Just Keep Weaving, Weaving, Weaving.

Until your belt is big enough to go around you, plus a little room (Gotta add the belt buckle on there, remember?)

Step 6: Finishing Up

Add your belt buckle on. I have no photos provided for this, just because I am a lame-o and didn't take any. but yes, however you see fit and easiest, add on your buckle. Then, when finished, burn the ends so they do not fray. Before burning though, you might want to cut off some excess cord if there is any.
Also, if there are any M&M's left, Eat them, you need the extra chocolate boost after all that weaving!



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    this was a fun project to work on in my free time. thanks for the great idea :D

    You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed it!

    where did you get the belt parts?

    I just recycled them from an old worn out belt. You can also buy them at most any hobby store or craft section of a shop.

    Is it okay if my belt likes to twist itself up when I'm not pulling on it to or trying to untwist it? I just wanted to make sure that I was doing this right.

    Yes that's fine, It'll like to twist up until you wear it a few times and it gets "broken in"

    Since I really can't find belts in my size (I'm a big guy) I'd love to be able to try this. I need it to be 54-56 inches long when done, so about how long will my starting cords need to be? I'm not worried about unfurling it in an emergency, it's almost just as important to keep my belt on...

    Well, mine is 44 inches long, and I have 36 inch hips and it fits me well, It took about one packet of paracord, so about 40 feet give or take, maybe a little less since I had made two paracord bracelets before hand both using 7 foot of paracord.
    You may want to double my amount of paracord to safe, I just kind of eyeballed this one, and plan to make a new one soon with more precise measurments so I could perhaps update this instructable.
    Also, Even if you don't need it for survival, just for a belt (Which is what I made mine for, I needed a new belt) if you ever DID end up needing some, you have plenty! :0D

    Also, I had 6 strands divided equally by the 40 feet of cord I had if that helps any. I'm bad with numbers.

    cool - my father is searching for a belt like that. I'll do it for him for a birthday present. thanx!

    You're welcome! Let me know how it turns out! :0)