This belt is pretty easy to make and looks good in my opinion. You can use any kind of belt buckle you want for it, I used D rings (Yes, I know, I don't have them fastened correctly, I always wear them this way because I'm cool like that.)

Step 1: Supplies

You will need the following:

Paracord (I used 550 cord)
A belt buckle of some type (Doesn't really matter, whatever you think would look best)
And some good belt weaving music, I chose the Old Crow Medicine Show.
Oh, and maybe some M&M's too. Those are always great when doing tedious things such as this.
this was a fun project to work on in my free time. thanks for the great idea :D
You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed it!
where did you get the belt parts?
I just recycled them from an old worn out belt. You can also buy them at most any hobby store or craft section of a shop.
Is it okay if my belt likes to twist itself up when I'm not pulling on it to or trying to untwist it? I just wanted to make sure that I was doing this right.
Yes that's fine, It'll like to twist up until you wear it a few times and it gets "broken in"
Since I really can't find belts in my size (I'm a big guy) I'd love to be able to try this. I need it to be 54-56 inches long when done, so about how long will my starting cords need to be? I'm not worried about unfurling it in an emergency, it's almost just as important to keep my belt on...
Well, mine is 44 inches long, and I have 36 inch hips and it fits me well, It took about one packet of paracord, so about 40 feet give or take, maybe a little less since I had made two paracord bracelets before hand both using 7 foot of paracord. <br>You may want to double my amount of paracord to safe, I just kind of eyeballed this one, and plan to make a new one soon with more precise measurments so I could perhaps update this instructable. <br>Also, Even if you don't need it for survival, just for a belt (Which is what I made mine for, I needed a new belt) if you ever DID end up needing some, you have plenty! :0D <br><br>Also, I had 6 strands divided equally by the 40 feet of cord I had if that helps any. I'm bad with numbers.
cool - my father is searching for a belt like that. I'll do it for him for a birthday present. thanx!
You're welcome! Let me know how it turns out! :0)
Another project made possible by M&amp;M's. Very cool, but I feel like since this is a belt, it'd be fairly difficult to unweave this and use quickly in a cinch.
You are correct, there are some weaves out there better suited for being used in a pinch, I mostly just made this one because I needed a new belt that looked good, I plan to make a new one soon that could actually be unweaved fairly quickly. Not that this one can't be unweaved quickly, it's just that some others are a little faster. <br>And M&amp;M's make the world go round, I love those things hahaha.
Why not &quot;Non, je ne regrette rien?&quot;<br><br>^_^
About forty years ago I made a macrame belt by attaching about a dozen lines to a pair of rings, then taking each one in turn from the left, and wrapping the others around it with double half hitches. The one problem is that it consumes a lot of length, and you have to keep splicing in extra lines by putting them paralell to the crossing line.
That was my problem with the splicing in lines, Had I of taken correct measurements, I would not of had to splice them. Next time I plan to actually do right measurements because splicing is super annoying.
this looks much simpler to some of the other belts i have seen. how long was your belt? and how long were the 6 starting cords? i can estimate how much i need with that info!
It's a very very simple weave, I did this one because the other ones confused me haha. My belt from end to end is 44 inches not counting the D-rings.<br>The six strands I really can't calculate just because I cut them too short to start with, when I cut them they were about 30 inches. So, double that amount really and you should have enough, depending upon how big or small your waist is. I hope that helped! :0)
thank you! i'll be giving this a try as soon as i order more paracord :)
Awesome! Post up a photo once it's done if you wanna! :0D

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