Easy&Cheap(no Soidering) Annoyance Beeper!





Introduction: Easy&Cheap(no Soidering) Annoyance Beeper!

There was a sudden beep in my garage I had never heard it before so I started looking but couldn’t find the source .I didn't hear it again the whole time I searched for it but when I went to leave....BEEP! It took me 6 months to find that annoying little beep I searched high and low but for naught! Finally one day I happened to have it in my hand when it beeped and when it did I screamed like a little girl.... I was that surprised (and pleased )to find it. Turns out that beep was coming from an old smoke alarm we had out there because we had bought new ones. They start beeping intermittently when their battery is running low. I found out about this the hard way, but my embarrassing situation Is your gain because the idea hit me if it took me that long to find something so obvious...It would take somebody I deemed worthy of an annoyance ,at least  twice that long if made it smaller and  easier to Hide. MMAAAUHHHHHHHHHHHhhhh...sorry I lost it there for a sec...Now back to our evil plan!
What you will need:
1. An old smoke alarm
2. A small flat head screwdriver (I use a steak knife but in retrospect ....)
3. An Dying 9 volt battery (stick it your tongue for an hour.)...it work for my brother Dewey  ; P (but ... of course he's Dewey)
4. The victim...er...subject.
5. A genuine disdain for the sanity of mankind....or woman kind.




Step 1: 1

Get an old smoke alarm 

Step 2: 2

open it up to expose the innards

Step 3: 3

You will notice there are a few tabs holding the stuff inside use your screw driver to snap these off.

Step 4: 4

 On the back there are some holes that also go to tabs  use the screw driver to push these inward while gently pulling the inside from the other side this is what is holding the innards .

Step 5: 5

 you are left with this ...now just snap a 9 volt on

Step 6: 6

Now hide it ( you can do a better job hiding than I did)
Sit back and watch the fun.  :D the better you hide the harder it is for them to find and since the beep doesn't happen on a regular intervals it makes it that much harder to find Have fun!



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    lol, mine's radioactive!

    their all radio active. thats how they work. a bit of americium puts out radiation. when the radiation is interupted by smoke, it goes off.

    not all... but its kinda funny when u say "their all radioactive"

    minor grammer (or would it be spelling?) mistake.

    i'm confused. is my mistake immature or is the making fun of it? either way, it's the internet, who cares :) ?d

    have to be the exception, don't you? lol

    I've actually debated about taking the radioactive smoke detectors out of my house, and getting the photo detecting ones.

    You all should look up the Nuclear boy scout, it's about a man by the name of david hahn. When he was 13 he made a nuclear reactor in his back yard and having the nuc hasmat team dismantal his mothers garden shed. Majority of his nuclear materials came from Smoke detectors.

    wow. determined kid. where did he get the particle accelerator? and how did he harness the heat?.......