Eat This, Not That


Introduction: Eat This, Not That

Love hamburgers and fries? Do you consume fast food on a daily basis? Are you struggling to lose a few pounds to get ready for this summers swimsuit, or maybe fit into a new pair of jeans? Well kick back, breathe, relax this instructable will show how you can eat seemingly unhealthily food without the guilt of consuming those high calories, and high fat contents!

Step 1: Fast Food

Don't get me wrong, i love fast food, but in my past I loved it just a little bit to much!

The above picture references a typical fast food hamburger, loaded with calories, loaded with fat, and loaded with obscene amounts of sodium, and this is just the sandwich, factor in fries, maybe a shake to go with it? And if you do this daily, you know those buttons on your shirt are screaming and ready to fly right off!

Step 2: Alternative

The picture above is my alternative.

The ingredients list: 2 Morningstar vegetable burgers
Onion flavored bagel
Sliced cheese

And as a healthy alternative instead of greasy salty fries, Baked breaded string beans!, to deliver a taste and crunch unlike any greasy soggy french fry could!

And the best part to this entire meal?!? Half the calories, half the fat, And!, half the sodium! And thats just with comparing this entire meal to 1 single hamburger from your local ""Golden arches" or "King Burger"!! But! The even better part of my alternative is the fact that this meal is Loaded with protein! Which is essential to your body to have when you are working out hard

Step 3: My Journey!

All my life i grew up as the fat kid, at my biggest i weighed 350lbs, wore a size XXXXL shirt and wore a size 50 in pants! at age 21 I decided to make a lifestyle change and eat healthy, within 3 months i lost 180lbs by using extreme cardio and correcting the way i eat! Enjoying good food should not be a chore, you should not have to believe you need to eat like a bird or suck down a salad for each meal!

Step 4: Thanks!

Thank you for taking the time to read my instructable! I have this instructable listed on the "Healthy Eating Contest" if you liked my instructable please throw a vote my way!



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    7 Discussions

    U should fill me in on your homemade veggie burger recipe, im super interested

    Hey thx brother i appreciate the kind words. Congrats on your success!

    wow. breaded green beans! great idea! i used to be 248lbs and a 42" waist. i changed my diet and added intense cardio and had similar results. i am now 144lbs and a 30" waist. of course i am short 5'7" so i looked horrible.

    i make my own veggie patties, but usually i make them myself from dried black beans and another bean, whatever i feel like that day! thank you for posting pictures of yourself before and after.

    i used to eat 3 mcchickens and 5 or 6 mcdoubles and at least one large fry, for one meal. after eating that you would think i would be satiated. nope. i would feel bloated and within 2 hours hungry again. eating healthy home cooked meals seems to always make me feel full and full of energy.

    i hope everyone who reads your instructable is inspired to give up the greasy fast food. this guy is not lying, i speak from personal experience. you will look great and feel great. just look at his pictures!!!!!

    Thank you very much

    I think you can afford it also on diet: it's just bread, ketchup, salad, tomato, 1 soy burger, 1 slice of light cheese, stewed onion :) anyway: you did a great job, you look amazing! Keep going on healty!

    I'm vegetarian and I cook almost the same burger :D and actually...from the taste I couldn't find the difference between the vegetarian one and the fast food one. Here a picture of mine:

    14 13:20.jpg