Picture of Eat the Street
More people should master the art of the chopstick. To help them out I made some stencils and spraypainted them on sidewalks around town as a friendly reminder a few years ago.

Each stencil was about 20 inches wide. The design was done in Photoshop and printed across a few pieces of paper that were then taped onto cardboard. I then cut through both with an X-acto to create the final stencil.
ilpug4 years ago
well done. did you use wire to hold in the fine bits?
im asian, and i dont even know how to use these correctly hahaha
im american and i used french fries (really burnt rock- solid ones) as chopsticks to eat the other fries (i hate burnt french fries)
Nice piece, enigmatic.
aintMichael7 years ago
These are awesome! You could have a fly instead of food in the last one, Karate Kid style
zorro33557 years ago
there is a few way to hold a chopsticks.this is the most basic way.i don'y like this method cause the grip is weak.
marc927 years ago
Thats a clever (and funny) idea. I don't know if it's legal but it's good to spread useful information
Sweet public service!
Patrik7 years ago
"Now you pick up anything!"